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SUMMARY of Cosmetic Brand Case Study

With a launching in multiple countries around the globe, Effay Beauty cosmetic brand case study target is to be one of the world’s most recognizable cosmetics brand. While, the beauty industry is evolving, and users interests are drastically driven by the latest trends than in other business. To keep Effay’s brand perception fresh, Effay Beauty turned to The Triump to engage clients to explore new looks.


The beauty and cosmetics categories are packed with thousands of brands offering similar products, all fighting for the attention of consumers. While an emerging brand like Effay may be viewed as a beauty mainstay, it may also be viewed as tradition-bound and susceptible to challenger brands. In cosmetics feild, trial is just as essential for an emerging brand in order to standing apart from the rest. While it iis very difficult to make consumer try a new product in this market.


As the most of beauty and fashion outlets demonstrate, consumers look to influencers and celebrities for make-up inspiration, and effay customers are one of them. Many women yearn to be part of glamorous experiences like backstage at Fashion Week. We knew that by promoting effay’s long-standing links to the fashion, we could go for events that evokes a related experience of elite and exclusivity.

Cosmetic Brand Case Study