Qatar Fifa football world cup 2022

This year November 2022, Qatar will write the history to host FIFA men’s football worldcup and becoming the first country in the Middle East. 

After Qatar being awarded the Fifa football world cup 2022, there have been rumours that football officials were bribed to vote for Qatar’s bid, concerns over the treatment of migratory workers involved in world-cup facilities, and for LGBT+ people in the country. To its critics, Qatar shows a low precedence to human rights, but there have been improvements in the rights of workers from the late 2010s.

This briefing spotlight key questions on the tournament. For background on Qatar’s politics, the human rights situation including for women.

Was Qatar awarded the Fifa football world cup 2022 fairly?

Rumours that Qatar bribed of the record the officials to support the country’s bid and engaged with them prior to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s (FIFA) results, have not been proven yet. The France and the United States have started  investigations. Qatar rejects the allegations as false.

FIFA completely denied about any inappropriate occurred in the decision report published in 2017 to award tournament to Qatar.

They, still, recommend reforms to the bidding process similar as lesser translucency and engagement with independent experts to estimate flings. 

How are expat workers treated in Qatar?

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, there are around 1.9 million expat workforce in Qatar. They’re from South Asia and Africa. As expats, they have less rights and until reforms in 2020 had to seek their employers’ authorisation to switch jobs and to leave and enter the country. While in 2021 Qatar introduced minimum salary for all workers.

The major allegation on Qatar is there was large number of worker deaths while working on tournament infrastructure. In whole Qatar have build and refurbished 8 stadiums for this tournament. The Guardian estimated in 2021, more or less 6,500 workers mostly from Asia have died in tenure of 2010-2021. Although, Qatar argues this to be an overrate. 

Qatar has also been criticised by UN’s International Labour Organization for gaps in data recording. Alone in 2020 around 50 

What are the reforms for LGBT+ in Fifa football world cup 2022? 

 LGBT+ or Same-sex relations are considered disgusting in all muslim nations and they are for sure. While Qatar consider it illegal and results in death sentence. If you are traveling and you consider yourself in any of category you should be aware of this. Qatar has taken strict action against showing your LGBT expressions publicly. No rainbow flags allowed in country or any of tournament places.

Any of the country planning to Boycott due to LGBT ? 

There isn’t any boycott or regarding information received, although each every team and country express their full support to Qatar. The UK government said that they would engage with Qatar to help them improve human rights record.

What about any alcoholic beverages? 

In Qatar as being muslim country alcohol is strictly prohibited and considered as an offence to drink of been drunk in public. Without an official announcement, It is been heard that alcohol will be available on some of designated areas specifically visitors.

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